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Published On 19th Febraury, 2016

Time passes at its usual Speed &
behold we realize that the changes
are significant.

What’s the single most reason for success?

I have instilled three principles in my life from the beginning:-
Honesty is the best policy
Give your 100% to any of the task assigned
Always be ready to learn in life (Be a good Learner). I have always considered the above three principles while performing any task. I never followed red tapeism and didn’t try to impose myself as a boss. I kept everything at bay and concentrated on learning from everyone irrespective of the person in consideration. Success is sure shot when we commit ourselves 100% to any task and conduct with full honesty. There may be a little delay in success however it follows. It is said that life is a school which teaches something new in every moment. I try and learn something good every time I meet someone.


What is Power to you?

As far as I believe in, whenever we perform any task assigned to us with complete dedication and perseverance it empowers us. Power is not attained by anyone in vain however it is earned by the deeds. I fulfill all my responsibilities  dedicatedly resulting in good output. This further motivated me to perform with great zeal. I pray to the almighty that; may he bestow his kindness upon me like this forever and I keep on moving from one leg to another leg on my journey while continuously learning something good.


Upon looking back I realize that it has not been very long since I stepped into the world of business. My journey in business has been very exciting so far. It seems it was just yesterday when I first stepped into the business world from being a housewife in year 2011. I was a newbie then and knew very little about business and did not have any experience. Support and belief from my family members strengthened me and it is because of them that I could make this start in my life. I started from a scratch, tried by myself and learnt from everyone. I never hesitated to learn anything even if they were people from my staff. I see a lot of positive changes within me in the past four years. I understand business now and I am able to do my job effortlessly, which was challenging for me at the onset. Nevertheless, I still find challenges in few things, but I don’t lose heart instead, I try and find solution to the problem in hand. I feel proud when I look back now.



What is your definition of a dream home?

My house is like a temple to me where I want positive environment. House to me, means my family where we live together, sharing day to day routines and feelings. I live with my two sons Sarthak and Vishesh along with my in-laws, happily. At my home, memories are made and happiness is shared making it a peaceful and perfect place to live.


What is the most exiting fact of being an entrepreneur?

Gaursons is not only restricted to constructing houses but also is contributing to different sectors like Education, Malls etc. I get opportunities to meet people from all walks of life, this not only helps me to enhance my knowledge but I also get some good ideas related to business. Out of the various occupation people choose to follow, I like real estate more because we work to make dreams come true for different people. Everyone wants a house of their dreams and I feel a bliss after we make a house of their dreams for them. While doing interior for any house, I always keep in mind that the resident of that house does not face any problem. Happy customers not only give immense pleasure but also provides us satisfaction that we are contributing to the society as a whole.

Can you please share your idea behind clean society?

It is my vision and want to see India in the category of neat and clean countries. Sanitation is not limited to few cities but is a wide spread problem across the country.  It is a herculian task to clean the whole country and we have our own limitation. However we have ensured that the Gaur City being developed by us is clean and a plan for the same is set in place from a very long time. Everything is taking a shape now. Gaur City which will accommodate 25000 families in the coming times is being developed as zero garbage city. We have setup an organic waste plant in Gaur City wherein the garbage from the household will be segregated in dry and  wet waste. Wet waste will be processed as manure and


dry waste will be sent for recycling. This is not all, we are also installing these machines in few local vegetable mandi's also so that the wet waste from there may be transformed into manure then and there. I say this with full confidence that this initiative from our side will be an effective step in  "Swacch Bharat Mission” being driven by the Government of India.


What was the tipping point of your business?

Gaur Green City is the tipping point of our business. Gaur Green City has pointed towards a new horizon for


Gaursons. Gaursons has worked on many big housing projects after that and the response to the same has been overwhelming. Few to name are as below:
Gaur Green City
Gaur Green Avenue
Gaur Heights
Gaur Ganga
Gaur Homes
Gaur Cascade
Gaur Valeria
Gaur Green Vista
Gaur City
Gaur Yamuna City
Gaur Mulberry Mansions